Photos: PBY-5
BuNo 2293

Caption: PBY 52-P-7 east coast of Greenland at the Arctic Circle.
PBY-5 Catalina

George Stuckney gives the date of this photo as 1941-Jul (PBY Catalina International Association Newsletter-1990 #2 p.11) and the location as the northeast coast of Greenland.

William Scarborough's PBY Catalina in Action (p.24) identifies 52-P-7 as his plane in VP-52. Previously the plane was with VP-14.
The wing top is orange-yellow and the rudder is white - the color assigned to VP-52. The hull band (the horizontal line below the side number) and wing chevron are True Blue, as should be the engine cowlings.

The next image is a blow-up of this photo.

(Photo courtesy of the Naval Historical Center, US Navy)