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These are M-JPEG files; the best browser plug-in I've found is at www.InterVu.com. I have new software that makes better videos and includes sound. The videos will play slowly as they download. Afterwards, they will replay at correct speed.
Date Description Sequence Time
1996-Mar-29 Walkaround video of 5 PBYs in 2 hangars. Sorry for the jerky video, the hands waving about, and the lack of sound; this was intended for my eyes only.
Note the tail of the B-23(?) in the first clip. The middle PBY (a "Super Cat") has R-2800 engines and brand new wings. The white PBY is the last PBY-6A made and is in near-original configuration. The "Super Catalina" in the 3rd clip was previously owned by Alaska Airlines and also now has R-2800 engines; it was painted green and red for use in a television commercial. You may recognize the last PBY from the movie "Always". (The yellow hi-lites are an artifact of the Iomega Buz video compression.)
1 of 4   5,615,620
2 of 4 37.5 5,787,652
3 of 4 40.2 6,199,300
4 of 4 32.9 4,718,592
1998-Jul-31 NAS Jacksonville's PBY is on static display, so this is a walkaround video - all external shots. I can't find any record of this BuNo (6582); perhaps it's supposed to be 46582. I think one of the PBY Catalina International Association's newsletters correctly identifies this plane. I'm checking...
BTW, Ron Williamson at the NAS is hoping to acquire blisters to help further its restoration.
1 of 7 37.6 5,797,892
2 of 7 44.4 5,488,644
3 of 7 40.0 4,947,972
4 of 7 39.2 6,047,748
5 of 7 40.1 5,927K
6 of 7 39.5 5,036K
7 of 7   6,354,948
  San Diego Aerospace Museum (static display)      
  64017 starting engines      
1999-Sep-29 11084 (C-FPQL) hoping for enough ceiling for some touch-and-go's. That's Rich on the tarmac, Ken is in the right-hand seat, and Art is in the left-hand seat. A museum volunteer noted the thoroughness of the pilots' preparations. 1 of (lots)   7,866,372
1999-Sep-29 Inspecting the identity plate and the cockpit of 11084 (CV-417) after the tower refused permission for the touch-and-go's. 2 of (lots) 25.6 6,037,508
1999-Sep-29 Within the navigator/radioman compartment, here are some shots of the cockpit, nose gear inspection window, and water-bombing modifications. Then, standing on the water tank in the engineer's compartment, there are camera shots out the windows in the tower. The black building is the back of the [very nice] Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. 3 of (lots) 34.1 8,036,356
1999-Sep-29 Still in the engineer's compartment, we start with the "handcrank [for] to operate the floats", then move to the fuel pumps in the front of the tower. The shot of the back of the tower moves past the control cables and looks back into the tail. 4 of (lots) 24.0 5,658,628
1999-Sep-29 Looking forward from the bunk compartment, we can see over the water tank all the way to the cockpit. Next is the two-stroke APU (Auxilliary Power Unit) used to power the engines' electric starters (saving the batteries for emergencies). There's a view out the landing-gear inspection window, following by a look into the blister compartment and at the emergency flotation device in the tail. 5 of (lots) 23.6 5,584,900
1999-Sep-29 There's a second opportunity for the touch-and-go's during a pause in the chain of thunderstorms. Art and Ken do their pre-flight checks and the APU is started. (Not a lot of real activity in this clip...) 6 of (lots) 54.4 12,830,724
1999-Sep-29 The starboard engine is started... 7 of (lots) 45.1 10,616,836
1999-Sep-29 The port engine is started... 8 of (lots) 32.3 7,608,324
1999-Sep-29 Art, Ken, and Rich getting ready to roll... 9 of (lots) 27.6 6,526,020
1999-Sep-29 11084 is heading for the runway. 10 of (lots) 35.5 8,359,940
1999-Sep-29 After reaching the end of the runway, the tower cancelled the touch-and-go's due to increasing bad weather. 11084 returns to the museum and shuts off the engines. 11 of (lots) 27.7 6,545,412
1999-Sep-30 The next day brings much-improved weather! Art and Ken do their pre-flight checks. 12 of (lots) 21.3 5,046,276
1999-Sep-30 Start the engines! The strong wind that grabs Rob's hat should make flying interesting. 13 of (lots) 65.1 15,323,140
1999-Sep-30 11084 gets airborne. 14 of (lots) 28.8 6,561,796
1999-Sep-30 Perhaps this is why they're called "touch-and-go's": the wind sure isn't making this easy. 15 of (lots) 30.9 7,059,460
1999-Sep-30 Coming in to rotate pilots and crew. The wind has been pushing me around all day and you can really hear it in this shot. (I like this one.) 16 of (lots) 70.9 16,128,004
1999-Sep-30 Now it's Ken's turn to wrestle with the wind! 17 of (lots) 15.1 3,444,740
1999-Sep-30 A beautiful flyover for the sake of yours truly! By the way, please check out information about the CWHM's restoration efforts [that I'll be putting] on the Restorations page. 18 of (lots) 53.0 12,079,108
1999-Sep-30 Starting the engines and taxiing - from a different viewpoint. That's Ken walking, and Rich up on the wing. Later, Art is in the left pilot's seat and Ken is in the right. 19 of (lots) 35.2 8,019,972
1999-Sep-30 11084 gets airborne again - from the inside! 20 of (lots)   12,976,132
1999-Sep-30 The view from the tower 21 of (lots)   6,535,172