PBY books  
ISBN 0-9629359-3-X
Jeffrey L. Ethell
Warren M. Bodie
1997, Widewing Publications
234 pages, hard cover


Here is a great collection of photos of warbirds in full, spectacular color. The pages are packed with pictures, capturing most of our favorites in their heyday, in all theatres of the Pacific conflict. There are six full-color photos featuring PBYs. Beware, though - some of the pictures are heartbreaking: the P-38 boneyards are almost too much to bear.

Even though there are B&W pictures of me, I used to dismiss B&W photos as events that happened just after the Civil War - events that had almost no bearing on my life. For the generations to whom only color photos are "real", this book makes WWII "believable" - something within memory.