NARA - San Bruno Record Group 9NS-313-94-01
321606 Box 17 of 21, Folder 15

Ships Planes Comments
    Photos from low-wing plane of bomb and rocket impacts on unidentified beach near NAS Astoria (Oregon). VBF-7 was present 1945-Apr-20 .
    NAVAER manual 00-80S-46: Glide Bombing - how to do it
    Ordnance pamphlet 1277: 11"7.5 Rocket Ammunition - Description and Instructions for use
Ordnance pamphlet 1371: Range Table for 11"7.5 Aircraft Rockets fired from F4U and F6F Aircraft using drop launchers
    Report of the Army Air Forces Board - Orlando, Florida
Subject: Selection of Rockets and Rocket Fuzes for various types of targets
F6F-3, F6F-5 Sight Settings for 2."25, 3."5, and 5."0 Aircraft Rockets
1944-Nov-18, Copy No.987, CIT UNC 5
Ordnance pamphlet 878: Bomb and Fuze Indicator
    NAVAER manual 00-80S-50: Airborne Forward-Firing Rockets - Sighting Facts
3 copies. VBF-7 5"AR and SCAR firing report (preliminary to Tiny Tim Firing).