NARA - San Bruno Record Group 9NS-313-94-01
321572 Box 9 of 21, Folder 2

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  PBY Unofficial interview with Lt.B.H.McCaslin, ACIO (Air Combat Intelligence Officer) for VPB-146 based in San Diego, mentions a PBY and a briefing at 2400-0600(?) of PBY Black Cat pilots, both on page 2.
    Interesting history of time around D-Day by Lt.Ralph H.Gray. Quotes a popular British phrase about the Yanks: "They're overpaid, overrated, oversexed, and over here!"
    Interesting interview with an aviator shot down at sea who then spent 11 days in a raft and five months in an enemy jungle.
CVE-61   Various reports of Support Aircraft Operation MARIANAS.