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321359, Folder 147
Action Reports, War Diary
Action Report: PBY 04413 attacked by enemy plane (page 1)

U.S. AIRCRAFT - ACTION WITH ENEMY 1. DATE: Feb. 20, 1943 LAT. 53-00N. LONG. 175.15E. TIME 1308, plus 10 2. WEATHER: Clear and unlimited 3. UNIT REPORTING: Fleet Air Wing Four Patsu #5 TYPE PLANES: PBY-5a 4. NATURE OF OPERATION: Routine search patrol 5. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE: Sector 17 patrol from Adak, Alaska. Enemy sub and shipping patrol. 6. FORCES ENGAGED: Own PBY 5A #53V Bur. #04413 VP-62 Enemy Low wing, single radial engine, twin float, slate grey, two place monoplane (Identified as Nakajima 97) no markings or numerals noted) 7. TYPE OF ATTACK: Enemy 8. ENEMY TACTICS: Made a single run from PBY's port quarter, passing astern at extreme range (400 ids) 9. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF ACTION: PBY was on cus 270 at 50 ft. Noted enemy plane five to eight miles west on cus 090 at 3000 feet. Time was 1308 and spd about 130 mph. PBY reversed cus and was observed by enemy plane which overtook and made one run. Both planes fired at extreme range. Enemy plane proceeded south toward Suldir Island. 10. WEAPONS EMPLOYED: Own .50 caliber /g. port was it hatch Enemy Estimated 7.7 A/g 11. EVASIVE ACTION EMPLOYED: PBY maneuvered to keep enemy plane away from tail and give port waist gun a clear field for fire 12. AMMUNITION EXPENDED: 40 rounds of .50 caliber (1 trace-1 ar or piercing-1 incendiary) 13. RESULTS (Certain) No hits claimed (Estimated) No damage 14. DAMAGE TO OWN AIRCRAFT: None EFFECTIVENESS OF LEAK_PROOFING Not hit