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War History
USS Barataria (AVP-33)
Biographies - Commanding Officer: Cmdr. Garrett S. Coleman

THE COMMANDING OFFICER The Commanding Officer, Commander Garrett S. Coleman, is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, Class of 1933. During the world-wide financial depression, fifty-percent of the class received active commission, thus it was with a heavy heart and a Bachelor of Science degree that he left the Navy and went to work for the Shell Eastern Petroleum Company at New York City. Military ties proved too strong for the Commander and in September of 1933, he joined the Army Air Force as a flying cadet, hoping to win a commission as an Army pilot. In June of 1934, legislation was enacted to return all members of the Class of 1933 to active duty, giving them their former precedence in grade. He was at last to return to his own branch of service with a permanent commission. From July 1934 until December of the same year was spent taking a refresher course at Naval Air Station, Pensacola. In January of 1935, Commander Coleman joined the Fleet in the U.S.S. COLORADO as an Ensign, Naval Aviator. Since then he has held the following billets: 1935 - 1937 U.S.S. COLORADO. 1937 - 1938 U.S.S. SARATOGA - Squadron VB-3. 1938 - 1940 VPB-18, VPB-8, VPB-24 - Patrol Planes. 1940 - 1942 U.S.S. RALEIGH - Senior Aviator. 1942 - (3 mos) N.A.S., Maui - Executive Officer. 1942 - 1944 N.A.T.C., Corpus Christi - Operations Officer. 1944 - (3 mos) N.A.S., Corpus Christi - Executive Officer. 1944 - U.S.S. BARATARIA (AVP-33) - Commanding Officer. The Commander married Eulalie J. Vance, the daughter of Captain Deane H. Vance, MC, USN(Ret), in June 1937, and is the father of three children; one boy and two girls. PAGE 18